Thursday, March 18, 2010

Conversation with a 16 Year Old

Jackie: Are you married?

Sara: Yes

J: I wanna see a picture of your husband.

S: I don't have any on me.

J: Don't you have any in your phone?

S: I don't have a phone. My husband and I share a phone and it doesn't take pictures anyway.

J: You don't have a cell phone?

S: No.

J: How do you text people?

S: I don't.

J: Are you some kind of hippy?

S: Not that I know of.

Later that night.

Jackie: So what do you do in these countries?

Sara: When I was in Samoa, I was in the Peace Corps.

J: So you are some kind of hippy!

S: I taught computer studies.

J: Oh, then you're not a hippy. Hippies hate computers.

S. Yes, and shoes and deodorant.

J: Why do they hate deodorant?

S: I was making a joke.

J: Oh.

— Sara

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