Monday, March 15, 2010

Lindsey Knows What's Up

Lindsey in Indy

We met Lindsey in Samoa. She had requested to surf our couch through couchsurfing and also happened to be from Carmel, Indiana. Lindsey arrived the morning after the tsunami that killed close to 200 people (with a photographer from the Czech Republic she had met on the plane) and immediately joined us with the Red Cross on the south side.

Lindsey's ticket had her staying in Samoa for two weeks. Eight weeks later she finally caught a flight to Tonga, the next leg of her journey. If she had stayed another week, she would have still been in Samoa when we left. While we were back in the States suffering through winter, Lindsey was in Tonga, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Fiji and back in Tonga.

Well now she's back in America and living just a city north of us. So for the first time since Meghan's Half-Way House, we have hung out with someone we know from Samoa. You know what? She knows what's up.

She knows that it is a bajillion degrees below zero outside and only marginally better inside. She knows that you gotta wear coats indoors. She knows that the pina coladas in Samoa were a bajillion times better than the once we made Saturday night. She knows that we are gonna drink them anyway. She knows (more than we do) why
this show she introduced us to is so awesome. She knows you should be watching it too.

It was nice to hang out with someone telling stories like our stories and totally understanding why that is funny or unusual or just so ka'a. Yay for shared experiences!

— Sara


Prince of Tonga said...

Yay on girl.

Manono Village Council sexytary said...

Wassssuuuuuup Lindsey

Hey guys great to know your're still powering on with the blogg.
Love your stuff, looking foward to making you part my daily routine evermore..

Your number 1 fan from Manono

whatever said...

I love that show,I watched it all the time when it was on Sunday night in the midwest. It's like the opposite fo the Peace Corp, it is funny.