Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And I Though 10 Hours on a Plane Was Long

The flight from Chicago to Seoul was just under 13 hours. That's a long time to spend on a plane. In less than 45 minutes I will have been up for 24 hours. I got up in Indianapolis at 4:45am on the 5th. It appears to be like 4pm the 6th here in Seoul, but it is 4am for me.

Having now flown Air New Zealand and Korea Air overseas, I can say that Air New Zealand kicks ass. The seats are larger and way easier to sleep in.

On a side note, they served us keke pua'a as a snack on the flight. I imagine the Koreans call it something else. You know what I call it? The deliciousness that keke pua'a could be. These pork buns were actually tasty. The meat wasn't all gristle and had been flavored (I saw flecks of green vegetables or spice-like things in there) and the bun wasn't just boiled dough. Who knew?

We will be here is the Seoul airport for two or three hours before we take the next leg of our flight to Bangkok, when hopefully, we will finally sleep again.

— Sara


Matthew said...

You're not here anymore, so this is kind of a moot point, but the keke pua'a from Lynn's actually has green vegetables (whole peas, chunks of string bean, and LEAVES!) and almost no gristle. Once again, I recognize there's no point in telling you this, but I wanted to share.

Teresa said...

I don't like that you fall off the map up there - the disconnect in the line makes it seem like you took a wormhole to get to Seoul!

whatever said...

Much closer if you had flown from Samoa to SE Asia. It's closer, but I bet you wanted to see your family

Anonymous said...

Just an aside if you stop in Hawaii some time, you can try the Manapua. Manapua is Hawaiian slang for the Chinese food cha siu bau (pork-filled bun). There are other varieties of it with veggies in it. Ideal food after to carry on a hike or snack at the beach. Actually, I've seen the bags sold in the Safeway frozen section too. Easy to microwave or steam. Still yummy. :)
I enjoy reading Matt's blog but miss your daily female perspective in Samoa. Looking forward to your taa pics :)