Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chicago Trip Awesomeness

So the one bright note to our surprise trip to Chicago was the windmills. On the way up to Chicago we discovered that Indiana has a giant windfarm just hanging out doing it's bit to save the planet. We also passed a school with a windmill and solar panels and what looked like some biomass energy stuff on some dairy farms. Cool, cool stuff.

Some people seem to think that windfarms are eyesores, but I can tell you that I thought they looked awesome.

— Sara

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Teresa said...

Hey Sara... remember how we were talking about REMCs and that I audit them? One of the REMCs we audit owns parts of that wind farm. You would be surprised to see the statistics on one of those things - they cost a ton!!

momofthebarn said...

our remc is giving a class on wind and solar - maybe milton and i will put one up on our farm!!!! just one....