Friday, April 9, 2010

I Will Only Type this Blog Entry If You Promise Not to Freak Out

Red Shirts on the Move

For those of you unaware, there is sort of a political situation in Thailand right now. The Red Shirts have been peacefully protesting the government for weeks now. Today they converged from several protest points on the recently shut down People's TV Channel station. The street we are staying on was on the route. A stream of Red Shirts on motorbikes passed by. It seemed to go on for quite a long time. It must have been a lot of people. Don't worry, we are fine and we are avoiding the protest sites. Tomorrow morning we will leave Bangkok by train and be away from the political unrest.

— Sara


momofthebarn said...

glad you are leaving bangkok - have fun!
love ya

Barb Carusillo said...

What? Me? Freak out?! Nope, I will just do a little Zen Buddha routine, and just put you guys in God's hands. Ah-h-h-m.