Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Like A Postcard

Nancymarie and Cale beading for the parade float.

It is easy to be at another volunteer's site for a couple of days (while school is on break even) and think their Peace Corps life seems so much better than yours. Still, the time I spent at Nancymarie's had all the makings of a Peace Corps recruitment campaign.

We road bikes to the local market and Nancymarie would ding her little bike bell at shops as we passed, yelling out "Hello" in that sing-song Thai way. Shopowners and passersby called out "Nancy," adding Thai tones to her name, and invited us in for food. I felt like I was in a Hallmark movie of the week. Nancymarie's village so loves her that they made her the village entry in the district Songkran beauty pageant. (I am not 100% how towns are organized in Thailand, so I am using the word district and it may or may not be correct).

After we woke up Sunday morning and ate Nancymarie's delicious cinnamon raisin bread (I liked it and I hate raisins), Nancymarie had to practise walking. Someone had brought over four-inch heels for her to walk around in and practise introducing herself. Her co-teacher and several other teachers from her school gathered in front of the house and critiqued her walk.

You try walking in these shoes.

Next we went to visit Nancymarie's float she would be riding on in the parade the next day. We got to help making the decorations. Nancymarie tried to teach us how to fold a leaf into a rosette, but we were failures at that.

Nancymarie displaying her co-teacher's skirt. Exactly like a puletasi bottom, except they sew the slits into the waist band so you can pull the tie through and they have a button to attach at the waist too. Brilliant!

Later that night we went back to see the float assembled. Apparently even the local monks were in on the efforts.


More on the parade and Songkran later.

— Sara

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Barb Carusillo said...

I doubt the Miss America contestants are any more coiffed up and glamorized then this event. What a neat event to get to help out and tagalong too!