Friday, April 16, 2010

Songkran Part II

Songkran in Uttaradit

Tuesday was the official start of Songkran and we went out to play water with some people from Nancymarie's site. We filled to huge rain barrels with water and drove through the streets of her town drenching passing trucks and people on the side of the road with buckets of water. They doused us in return.

Songkran in Uttaradit

We quickly discovered that dropping a block of ice into your barrel was pretty popular. Getting hit with a bucket of ice water is quite shocking.

Songkran in Uttaradit

Usually the groups on the side of the road had their own rain barrels and buckets. There were also hoses and water guns. As we passed they would throw water at us. On several occasions a group of people would dance out into the street and stop the car for a more thorough soaking. We were quite popular. Standing in the bed of the pickup over a cheering mass of people screaming that they love you and they love America while desperately reaching out to grab your hand (and occasionally kiss it) can make you feel a little like a rock star. Cale had one guy come up to him shouting, "Good morning! I love you!" Only to have him return seconds later with a correction, "Good AFTERNOON! I love you!" Another common shout was "My name is!" One English phrase that must be taught in the schools but never adequately explained.

We played water for about two hours and were thorough soaked. We returned to Nancymarie's house where she made baked ziti in her toaster oven and it was awesome.

Songkran in Uttaradit

— Sara

Tune in tomorrow when I finally start blogging about Chiang Mai, a city we have been in for three days now.

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Barb Carusillo said...

Wow, what a contrast! Now, you are shepherded around a colorful land, cheered like rock stars, being served baked ziti, and a month ago, you were hanging around Indy, basically unnoticed, schlepping noodles to others at Noodles and Co.
Nice trade off for getting a little wet.