Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Thailand is covered in 7-Elevens.

There is this thing. It looks like a tennis racket. You use it to kill mosquitoes.

Thai toilets do not typically have toilet paper. Thai restaurant tables do.

Things we have seen on the streets:
1. Monkey
2. Elephant
3. Upright bass on the back of a man on a scooter

The upright bass was part of a band that was playing at this bar. I am used to bands loading out of vans. This band loaded out of scooters. Mike stands, guitars, etc all arrived on the back of scooters.

We ate at a Mexican restaurant run by Burmese refugees.

Remember the fans in Samoa with the timers? Remember wondering why a fan would have a timer? Well, I have an answer for you now. Korean Fan Death.

— Sara


Ben said...

Thought of you guys when I read this: http://www.slate.com/id/2250995/

Teresa said...

I've seen those bug zappers.... on sale at Stein Mart right now!