Sunday, May 23, 2010

Name This Plant: Dragon Fruit

Name This Plant

I have to give props to both Anonymous and Matt81's Dad for correctly naming this fruit. Like Matt's dad, I know it as Dragon Fruit. However, Anonymous is also correct in calling it Pitaya.

According to
Wikipedia, the dragon fruit grows on a cactus and is native to Central and South America. It also apparently comes in several varieties. I am used to the red exterior with white flesh. However, it also can have purple flesh and, apparently, can come with a yellow exterior. Rumor has it is called dragon fruit because when it grows on the end of the long arms of the cactus it looks like the head of a dragon.

Dragon fruit on the vine (if vine is appropriate)/Wikipedia

The flesh is similar in texture and taste to a kiwi and the seeds are similar to strawberry seeds.


— Sara


Teresa said...

That looks like it would have a texture that would make it impossible for me to eat... does it have the same consistancy as kiwi?

Cale and Sara Wander Southeast Asia said...

Not as slimy, but very similar to a kiwi

kozzae said...

the picture you have is of Peruvian apples !! same insides as dragon fruit which is the single fruit picture! i grow both in Western Australia