Monday, May 10, 2010

Temple Tour Part II

At Angkor Wat

At 9 am on Monday our tuk-tuk driver friend met us at our guest house. Did I mention his name is Mr. Map (or Mr. Mop, I am not 100% sure)? So there is that. He had brought along this tiny little girl with him, Molly (or Moli? or something that sounds like Molly?) our tour guide.

Molly was adorable, but she was not having her best day. At first I was a little concerned because her English wasn't super fabulous and her accent made it a little hard for me to understand her. But I figured we could work around that. Frequently, she didn't seem to be able to answer our questions, either because she didn't understand or didn't know the answer or didn't know how to say the answer. In these instances she would fall back on her rote memorized speech, which would be a repeat of what she had just told us and not an answer to the question.

We quickly had to forgive her distraction when we discovered that all the phone calls and text messages she was getting were because her father was sick in the hospital in Phnom Phen, probably dying from the sounds of it. She wants to go and be with her family there, but she cannot because she has to work. She is both a tour guide and works nights at the
Dr. Fish Massage (for those of you not familiar, you put your feet in a pool filled with cleaner fish and they eat all your dead skin). We took a little break because she was in tears at this point telling us.

We asked her if she wanted to just stop the tour now so she could deal with her family situation, but she insisted that she needed to do her job. However, after the calls started to become more frequent, she asked if we could end a little early, so she could look into getting to Phnom Phen. Before parting ways she accompanied us to the market to show Cale where he could buy a new french press (I accidentally left the old one in Bangkok).

While on our tour we saw Angkor Wat, the
Bayon, the Terrace of the Elephants, the Terrace of the Leper King and Ta Prohm (most frequently referred to as the Angelina Jolie Temple because one of the Tomb Raider movies was filmed there).

I will go into more detail and provide pictures of these sights in later posts, as we saw them again in more detail on subsequent visits. During our trip with Molly, I took very few photographs because I knew I was going to come back. It let me scope out things I wanted to shoot and let me just enjoy looking around without taking pictures.

— Sara

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