Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Fun with language barriers:
1. The Scandinavian guy at Peak's in Bangkok who called the Red Shirts the Red Skirts. You know, the Red Shirt Ladies' Brigade.
2. The German guy trying to explain why he needed to see a doctor. The word he was saying sounded suspiciously like venereal. However, after explaining it was the sort of thing that can happen after lifting heavy things, it turns out to be hernia.

Do all the farang in silly hippy clothes and thai fisherman pants or these weird MC Hammer meets arabian pants wear these things at home too or is this just vacation ridiculousness?

Common themes in Thai karaoke music videos as viewed on the bus:
1. Not so cool and/or shy and/or mousy girl wants boy. Boy already has girlfriend. Tragedy ensues.
2. Not so cool and/or shy and/or nerdy boy wants girl. Girl already has boyfriend, who beats her. Tragedy ensues.
3. Boy becomes too drunk to care for himself, girl must feed him and wipe his face with a cloth while trying to rouse him. Tragedy ensues.
4. Car wrecks in the rain. Tragedy ensues.
5. Not particularly attractive, older man has rock band. Not particularly attractive skantily-clad chicks dance in background. This one is pretty universal. Oh, and tragedy ensues.

Cale and I are different travelers. Upon arriving in a new location after a long journey, I like to relax. Cale likes to wander aimlessly over the entire town in the hot sun.

Cambodia has significantly less infrastructure than Thailand. However, it has significantly more cheese and bread. I always knew the French were good people.

According to both Aussies and Brits, I have strawberry blond hair. I have been told I have red hair and brown hair, but no one has ever seen any blond in my hair before. Weird.

— Sara

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