Thursday, May 13, 2010


Pajamas are clothes. You know the ones. Matching top and bottom with the button up shirt with the rounded collars. Most likely to have clouds or sheep or kittens printed on them, but really could have anything printed on them.

Life lesson: When you are not looking the world is covered in frog piss and lizard poo.

If you are going to survive on the roads of Siem Reap, you have to accept that there are no lanes and there are no rules. In theory Cambodians drive on the right side of the road. In theory there is one lane going one way and another lane going the other way. However, there are lots of things that exist in theory and not in real life, (like all those
undiscovered elements) In reality it is more like there are three lanes inside each one. There's the main space for the very few cars and the majority of motos, there's the space to the right for motos when there is a car on the road and there is the space to the right of that for people who want to go in the opposite direction, but don't feel like crossing over to the other side of the road where traffic going that direction is supposed to be. There is the occasional traffic light that people generally obey. However, when the light is green it is green for straight, right turn and left turn. Also, if you want to make a left turn you usually just want to move in to the lane of on-coming traffic or cross to the other side of the street and just that far outside, against traffic lane before you come to your turn. In general all intersections have no lights, no stops and no yields. All traffic moves in all directions at all times. Just keep your eyes open and keep pedaling.

— Sara

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Remember when you have the name fruit category from Samoa? I want to say that the photo to the left of the butterfly on the flower...looks like passion fruit?