Thursday, May 20, 2010


Every where you go in Siem Reap you see this sign. Every guesthouse advertises free wifi. Every restaurant on Pub Street advertises free wifi. The pool behind our guesthouse advertised free wifi.

1. Who brings their computer to the pool?
2. It wasn't true. The signal was coming from a nearby guesthouse and was so weak you had to stand in the alley to pick up even one bar.

We knew this free wifi thing had gotten out of control when Cale picked up a Khmer-language magazine and it advertised in English in a corner of the cover that it had free wifi. It's a magazine! It cannot possibly have free wifi!

Most of this wifi is insanely slow. I have been uploading all my pictures at 72dpi because to try to upload a full-res picture would take all day. Some times the wireless connection slows to a crawl that must be less than even a 14k dial-up connection. I am starting to wonder if all the wireless hotspots in Siem Reap are in fact sharing one connection. That would explain the speed.

— Sara

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annette said...

sounds like my dial up in the good ol US of A