Monday, June 28, 2010



So we were having the breakfast at Sisters II. Cale was taking note of a group of barang eating on the patio. There was something about their American accents that drew his attention. When they started talking about food ("I'll eat this and carne asada, just watch me."), he knew he had Peace Corps on his hands. "Pisikoa o tagata lea." However, he knew for sure when he heard one of them mention the names of nearby married Peace Corps that we had planned to visit. Without hesitation he headed over to the table. "You guys must be Peace Corps, yeah?" Of course he was right. We had accidentally run into a group of K3 (unlike Samoa where we just say Group 79 or whatever, other countries seem to refer to their groups by a letter designator usually from the name of the country). These guys were almost one year into service with another year to go. Later we learned they had been discussing us as well. They had decided we weren't tourists or ex-pats so we must work for an NGO. It fit nicely into their framework that we were RPCV from another country (though some previous RPCV experience from them had been with some strange birds).

We exchanged pleasantries and they informed us of some live music happening later that night at the
Bodhi Villa. After a failed attempt to see the sunset at Utopia, we headed back to Bodhi to meet up with the K3s and see some music. The music ended up starting past our bedtime and Cale and I bailed early. However, this was not before we spent some time talking with K3 Christian and his visiting girlfriend Jessica. They were thinking about heading to Rabbit Island the next day, but were hoping to find someone to share the boat ride coast with (it is $20 per boat, regardless of the number of passengers). We had also been considering Rabbit Island, but didn't want to spend $20 on the boat. Like a match made in heaven, we discovered we were staying in the same guest house and made plans to meet the next morning and head out to Rabbit Island.

More on the island to come.

— Sara

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