Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rusty Keyhole

Meera's going away dinner was held at a restaurant called the Rusty Keyhole. Only a month ago they were located on the riverfront. but their landlady raised the rent and they moved to a location outside of town with nice breeze and a beautiful view of fields and the mountains. The pictures on the web are from the old location.

At that dinner Cale had immediately tuned to the rack of bbq pork ribs on the menu. Unfortunately, some one else had just ordered the last one for the night. We knew we were going to have to return, so a week later we found ourselves out there again for lunch.

The ribs were a different cut then we are used to in the States, but it seems to mean that you get more meat than the typical bbq rib cuts in America. They were outrageously delicious. They meat was fall-off-the-bone, melt-in-your-mouth tender. The sauce was amazing. Cale took note of honey, garlic and citrus flavors, but it was hard to tell just what all went into it. They even point out on their menu that several other restaurants on the river have attempted to replicate their bbq to no avail. There was so much food that I almost immediately went into a food/meat coma. When the last bite was gone I had to instruct Cale to drive me directly back to our guesthouse where I laid in a stuffed stupor on the bed.

I promise that our time in Kampot has not just been eating. We have done other things and I intend to talk about them in future blog entries. However, there will also be more blog entries about food. I want to make sure to point out any places we have found really good, just in case some one out there reads the blog and then travels to Kampot.

— Sara

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