Monday, June 28, 2010

Sisters II

I mentioned we started our breakfast routine in Kampot at Epic Arts Cafe, but had to abandon it after the great coffee debacle. Next we moved to Coco House. It was just around the corner from our guesthouse and offered cheap western fare (eggs and bread for $1.50). However, we knew we had to seek out Sisters II as soon as possible, as it had been recommended to us by two difference Peace Corps volunteers.

Let me just say, WOW.

The food at Sisters II is simply amazing. There are pumpkin pancakes that are so delicious that I would keep eating way past full and never really regret it (though I would moan aa little and hold my stomach). In addition to the pumpkin pancakes there was also homemade syrup and butter. Honest to goodness homemade butter. AND! cinnamon rolls and brownies and apple pie and chocolate pie and lime pie. Dear god, it was amazing. If you ask ahead you can also purchase an entire loaf of their amazing bread at an extremely reasonable price. This was the bread that sustained Cale and I during our 13-hour bus ride.

Added bonus, the lady that runs Sisters II is wonderful. Super friendly. She and her husband recently adopted a baby boy. They named him Moses. How powerful a name is that? She grew up in an orphanage with the two other women who make up the sisters. Though not related by blood, they consider themselves sisters. They have locations in Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh (where I can only imagine the other two women live).

If you are in Kampot you must eat there. They have all-day breakfast and lunch items that are also delicious. Run, don't walk to Sisters II. Just don't go on Sunday, they are closed.

— Sara

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