Thursday, June 17, 2010

Travel Fatigue

At first I just figured it was a reaction on being sick. But sick is almost two weeks behind me and I am still in the same frame of mind. I might just be a little bit done.

Cale and I have been talking about it and we think it comes to down to the fact that we are inherently incapable of going this long with out something concrete to do. We have been traveling without specific purpose, without jobs or missions for more than two months now. It looks like our aimless limit is two months, once we go over we start to get antsy.

We have three and a half more weeks before our flight home. One and half of those are in Cambodia before our visa runs out. We are still hoping to meet up with a married couple Peace Corps volunteers and then we figured we would see Battanbang before heading back to Thailand. In Thailand we need to keep ourselves occupied for just under two weeks. Seeing as how riding trains was a big part of these travel plans since the beginning and we haven't managed to do any of that yet, hopefully we can get in a train trip before we leave.

I know it sounds petty to complain about a long vacation in Southeast Asia, but it is something that you have to take into account before you head of for a long adventure. Just how long can you go before you need a job or a mission? Looks like for me it is two months. Good to keep in mind for the future.

— Sara

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