Thursday, June 24, 2010


If The Green Man is our official hangout in Kampot, Wunderbar is our unofficial hangout. We have been there at least seven nights since we arrived almost three weeks ago. We first went with Az, Olivia and Darren. Cale had seen a sign advertising their dartboard so it was inevitable we would end up there. I discovered they had mashed potatoes on the menu so it was inevitable we would return.

Every time we have gone I have ordered the same thing, the chicken satay bbq with mashed potatoes, with one exception. Out of guilt over not being adventurous I ordered a toasted sandwich that included salami and olives. Though it was good, I immediately regretted not ordering mashed potatoes. More recently I have been ordering the satay and mashed potatoes with a side of extra mashed potatoes. Needless to say, I am gaining back the weight I had lost in the previous few weeks.

We go back to the Wunderbar to watch World Cup games, eat mashed potatoes, play darts and pool and hang out with the Swiss-German owner and the cool staff. I think the Chile/Honduras game was the first World Cup game I have ever watched. I am not a sporty person, so it was surprising to me when I discovered I liked watching rugby sevens in Samoa. Now I am surprised to learn I like watching World Cup football. The Chile/Honduras game was fun, even if the Chilean players were throwing themselves on the ground in obviously-fake pain every three seconds. Cale and I took to referring to the Chilean players as Nancy and Sally and asking them if they had gotten their periods. "Maybe a Midol will help you get up off the ground and play a little football, Sally?" Nothing like a little misogyny with my mashed potatoes.

Currently Wunderbar is located on the road to Phnom Penh a little outside of central Kampot. However, they have recently bought or rented space on the riverfront and have a move planned in the future.

— Sara

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Soccer? You've got to be kidding me.