Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back to Siem Reap

We were only back in Siem Reap for a day. We arrived the night before and would leave the next morning. In the time we had, we had some very important tasks to accomplish. Namely, eat $1 tacos and drink $1 margaritas and $.50 drafts at !VIVA!. Mission accomplished.

We also did a little souvenir shopping and mocked some tourists (behind their backs, obviously). I still don't understand what it is about vacation that makes people think what they are wearing is clothes. Seriously? Your bikini and an oversized t-shirt that, mercifully, covers your bum? What makes that walk-around-town clothes? Would you wear that out to the grocery store at home? I would like to give all the guys the benefit of the doubt and assume they left their guesthouse complete clothed that morning and they were accosted by
gangsters who stole their shirts some time during the day.

That night we went to the Peace Cafe so Cale could have his last language lesson ever. Just as the lesson was ending it started to rain. I am sorry, I meant to type RAIN!!!!! It was insane the rain. We waited as long as our empty stomachs could bare and then we braved the downpour to walk back to our guesthouse. We quickly discovered that the actual rain had diminished to a sprinkle but the streets of Siem Reap were flooded. We waded through shin deep poop water (lord only knows what was in there). After a brief knees and below scrub, we went downstairs and had dinner there, not wanting to head back out into the flood.

The next morning we began our journey back to Thailand.

— Sara

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