Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Name Game

Cale and I have this game, the goal of which is to come up with names that will fit into the rules. However, we don't really have any rules. You just know a name that fits when you hear it.

Venn Diagram

Vector Graphic

Do you see the trend here? First name Venn? Middle name Diagram? It is a thing and it could be a name. Also, the word that is the first name isn't so weird that it is unbelievable.

There is more to the game than that.

casE sensitive

casE is pronounced Casey. The capital letter is key here; making the name itself case sensitive. I know, you are amazed by the cleverness of this name.

Also, if you happen to be a French/German couple:

Reaux Beaux Kaup

You get it? Robo Cop. Another kid that will never resent his parents.

We also have ones that don't quite fit into that category. Like brothers Alpha Male and Beta Male. I suppose it sucks to be the younger brother. Or an entire family of boys: Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan and Tamerlane Khan. I suppose this one would work better if Khan was your last name and not as first and middle names.

Cale, as you know, goes by his middle name. That's right folks, some of you out there don't even know Cale's real first name! Shocking. He likes the idea of kids going by their middle names (I suppose so they can suffer through first day of school roll call the way he did). Cale also happens to be named after his father and likes that idea too. So he has suggested:

Also Cale Reeves
Other Cale Reeves

Names I am sure that any kid would appreciate.

What about you? Have any names that would fit into our game?

— Sara


Barb Carusillo said...

Can't think of what would fit into your game, but I like the word
indusium griseum. It has such a nice ring to it. Learned it in neuroanatomy class, and you are just lucky you weren't named it!

Patty Leal said...

Matthew also goes by his middle name! He too has the same first name as his dad. All this talk about names, especially "Also Cale" makes me wonder if you're trying to tell us something . . . Will grad school be interrupted?

Teresa said...

You've gotta name your son Also... whenever you get around to having kids... cuz that is very clever!

Cale and Sara Go Back to School said...

Goodness gracious, no. This is just a fun word game for English nerds.