Thursday, January 27, 2011

Federal Budget Cuts, As Explained Through My Weight-Loss Attempts

So the federal deficit is going to continue to balloon out of control...just like my mid-section.

In 2009, approximately 40 percent of the budget went to the entitlement programs: Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Yet no one wants to talk about cuts to these programs in order to bring the deficit down. So instead we are just going to nip around the edges of the budget with minor cuts in other programs that are minuscule in comparison to the entitlement programs.

This is similar to my weight-loss efforts. Let's say, for comparisons sake, that beer makes up 40 percent of my calorie intake (which I don't think can possibly be true, but work with me here). I want to lose weight, but I am not even going to consider cuts to the beer calories. So instead I will just have a salad for lunch. I am just nipping around the edges, but not really getting to the root of the problem.

What I am saying here is instead of Social Security the federal government needs to switch to V8 Fusion and vodka. Way less calories and a full serving of fruits and vegetables!

I am sorry, I am mixing my metaphors.

Do I have a solution to the Federal deficit. No. Do I believe that it is going to be fixed by refusing to even talk about changing 40 percent of the budget and continuing to cut taxes (do you like how I just threw those taxes in there out of the blue)? No. Does this blog post have a point? No.

But I did promise you more blogging. So this is what you get.

— Sara

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