Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Eight Years

Eight Years Ago Today

And I thought last year's seven was a long time.

Since Cale and I have work and school today (and I have a Telefund shift until 10 pm), we celebrated yesterday. The goal was to go to Nashville and play frisbee golf and drink delicious beers. However, we first went on a ride with Cale's motorcycle "gang." The tiny little seat on Cale's fender is not what I would call comfortable. By the end of that ride I really didn't have going all the way out to Nashville in me. So instead we lazed, which is also perfectly fine.

Fun anniversary tidbits:

The eighth anniversary gifts are stupid. Apparently the traditional US gift is bronze and the traditional UK gift is salt. The modern gifts are linens and lace. Salt? Really? Do you just buy salt or do you also get a shaker or grinder? Or are you supposed to be buying items made from salt? In honor of our love I got you this heart made out of salt?

Also, facebook made sure to remind me about my anniversary.

Nothing like a romantic facebook message to commemorate your anniversary, right? Thanks facebook for the suggestion.

— Sara

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