Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Name This Plant: Puya

Guest Name This Plant

Janzee successfully named her own plant. According to Wikipedia, puya is an entire genus of plant and we are not sure which specific species this one is. The puya are native to the Andes Mountains and "many...are monocarpic, with the parent plant dying after one flower and seed production event."

The word "puya" derives from Mapuche Indian word meaning point. According to WalesOnline, the points on some puya plants can be quite dangerous:

"It has long, narrow leaves which are edged with vicious, hooked thorns – protection again nibbling animals such as rabbits, sheep and llama. But on the slopes of the Andes, where the plants flourish, if these grazing animals get too close they can become trapped in the puya’s spikes and starve to death. As they rot, they become compost and feed the soil around the puya. This helps the plant to grow bigger."

- Sara

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