Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Name This Plant: Sandíita

Name This Plant

Thanks to Jess on Facebook, we now know this is a plant with many names. She calls it Mexican sour gherkin cucumber. Wikipedia has several other names: mouse melon, Mexican sour gherkin, cucamelon, Mexican miniature watermelon and Mexican sour cucumber. However, I prefer the Spanish name, sandíita, which apparently means little watermelon.

Also according to Wikipedia, these little Sandita (I know, redundant) were "domesticated before western contact began." So there you go.

I never opened one up, I just popped them into my mouth. This is what the internet says they look like inside:

Source: madeinpahrump.blogspot.com

— Sara

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations for winning the search result for 'sandíita'! Also thanks for this great information, I have seen them at the farmer's market here and never bought them because I didn't know what they were.