Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Year In Review

I typically compose my Year-In-Review posts by looking back at my previous posts throughout the year. However, this year I have been a slacker when it comes to blogging. Instead, I will have to base it on the photos uploaded to the Flickr.

We welcomed in the New Year with Josh and Charlotte in Evansville.
New Years Eve 2010

Cale started 2011 off on the right foot, based on this facebook post:
"Cale: have you put any thought into your first breakfast of 2012?
Sara: uh, cale, its 2011:
Cale: I told you I don't do time."

We also celebrated Abby's 29th birthday in style, sinkin' the biz
Abby's Birthday At Nick's

It snowed.
It's Been Snowing

It rained ice.
And Raining Ice

And we lost heat in our house out in Spencer.

So we moved closer to town.
We're Moving Closer to Town

We saw the Swing Rays play.
Swing Rays Play the Players Pub

Santa was there.
Swing Rays Play the Players Pub

With just the barest hint of spring in the air, Cale and Jake headed out to the disc golf courses.
Disc Golf

I celebrated spring in my typical fashion, taking pictures of my bare feet outside.
First Day of Spring

Hudson Hornet played their first gig up in Indy.
Hudson Hornet at the Melody Inn

Later they played the Players' Pub in Bloomington.
Hudson Hornet

More Hudson Hornet. New drummer.
Hudson Hornet

Memorial Day with the other Reeves.
Memorial Day

And Cale bought himself another motorcycle. In pieces.
Cale's New Motorcycle
Cale's New Motorcycle

I also started my internship with the Indiana University Foundation and Cale started summer school.

I turned the big 3-0.
Sara's 30th Birthday

We went to Judah Fest.
Judah Fest

Cale built a new seat for me on the back of his rebel out of an office chair. It made the longer trips more bearable.
Turkey Run State Park

We started getting produce from our CSA, Stranger's Hill. As the season wore on, we became less and less impressed.
Name This Plant: Kohlrabi

As part of my internship, I attended the Big Ten Development Conference held at IU. I made this presentation.
Big 10 Development Conference

We went up to Bristol to learn how to make casciatelli with Grandma Carusillo.
Cooking Lesson with Grandma
Cooking Lesson with Grandma

While we were there, the learned of Grandma Hoffman's stroke. Luckily, mom was able to make it out east to be with her before she died.
Grandma Hoffman's Funeral

Cale went to the 2011 Wauseon National Swap-Meet and Flat Track Races. Where he saw a motorcycle that I might be able to ride.
2011 Wauseon National

As part of my internship, I attended The Fund Raising School's Principles and Techniques of Fundraising class in Indianapolis.
At the Fund Raising School

And I volunteered to photograph the rabbit judging at the county fair.
Monroe County Fair Rabbit Judging

Cale made an emergency trip to Virginia to pick up a friend who was in a motorcycle accident (he's fine).
Joe's Bike Post-Crash

We celebrated Shar's 30th by sinkin' the biz. And with matching Olive Tot t-shirts Cale and I made with our screen printer.
Shar's Big Bar Crawl Y'all 30th Birthday

Labor Day weekend was the wedding I had been looking forward to for months. Hannah and Jay tied the knot and we got to see all our Peace Corps friends again at Wedding Camp!
Goldmanu Wedding

We saw Te Vaka at Lotus Festival.
Te Vaka

Along with some other performers.
Australia’s Strange Fruit
Bomba Estéreo
Masters of Mali: The Sidi Touré Trio

We went to our only IU tailgate.

Marian turned 23.
Marian's Birthday

Hudson Hornet played again. Another new drummer.
Hudson Hornet @ Players' Pub

And we celebrated Joe's birthday.
Joe's Birthday

Remember that motorcycle Cale had in pieces at the beginning of the year?
Cale's Rolling Chassis

We celebrated Phaelen's 30th birthday, sinkin' the biz.
Phaelen's 30th Birthday

We had Thanksgiving with family...

...and friends.

We celebrated a very Carusillo Christmas.
Christmas 2011

Somewhere in there we also went to school, some how I failed to photograph any of that. Cale got accepted into the honors program and started working on his honors thesis. I continued to work on the new SPEA Abroad program, ACCT International. Our proposal was accepted by IU Overseas.

Here's to 2012 when Cale will finish his Triumph. I will go to Kenya. And shenanigans will ensue.

— Sara

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