Monday, January 23, 2012


I like meat, mostly. To be honest, I don't eat all that much meat on a regular basis. Let's rephrase that. I like bacon, a lot. I also don't have an issue with killing and eating animals. I believe in the food chain. We evolved to eat meat. That's fine. I love cheese. Seriously, LOVE CHEESE! In general, I am keen on animal products.

However, I recently decided that I cannot support the industry that supplies a majority of these products anymore. It was this video that did it for me [warning: this video is gross]. I am not normally one of those people that hears about (or sees) animal abuse and suddenly becomes an activist or a vegetarian. In fact, I am still not one of those people. Feel free to farm, kill, and eat animals. But for goodness sakes, you don't have to be cruel to them too. That is just unnecessary.

So I have become a niceavore. I am not sure if that is a thing. Google certainly didn't find anything. Basically, I want to only consume animal products from humane sources. This is a lot trickier than you might think. It is relatively easy to avoid meat all together and not too difficult to purchase local, humanely treated meat. Yet, even if I choose a vegetarian option, I still have to contend with the dairy and eggs. It is significantly difficult to track down the sources of all the dairy and eggs in food items I consume on a regular basis. Order a pizza? Where did that cheese come from? Want to buy a Sara Lee frozen pie? Any idea where the eggs in the crust are from? Love Hartzell's ice cream? They happily tell me that they use local ingredients for their flavors, but have yet to respond to my inquiry about where the dairy comes from. It would almost be easier to be vegan at this point. Instead of having to track down the details, I could just avoid it all together. That's not going to happen though. Did I mention how much I LOVE CHEESE!

Becoming a niceavore is going to take some time. I am constantly eating things with animal products in them without thinking. I had a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese last night. Somehow I doubt the dairy in that cheese powder came from a small, organic farm. But one small step at a time I am diverting my food dollars from factory farms and CAFOs to local or small growers with humane practices. One gallon of milk and dozen eggs at a time.

— Sara

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