Friday, June 8, 2012

ACCT International: Second Visit to SAIPEH


In our second week in Kenya, we returned to SAIPEH on Tuesday. Once again we divided into two groups. Dr. W joined the group going to visit Mama Judy so he could translate, so I did not get the opportunity to visit her farm. That group was also able to visit a fresh water spring and do some tree planting. My group headed out to a more rural area with the theatre troupe where they performed some of their educational songs and the skit I had seen the previous week related to cell phone usage and pregnancy. There was a new addition of some giant puppets. I am not 100 percent clear on the giant puppets. I think they are an attention-attracting device.


We were supposed to leave the site at 11:30 am so we could go to the bank in town by noon before returning to the guesthouse for lunch at 1pm. However, as 11:30 approached, things had just barely begun. I decided that we would leave as soon as the skit ended. However, after the skit, the troupe immediately broke into song, and I was reluctant to leave in the middle. However, our driver insisted it was fine to leave. The group that was with me that day now likes to make fun of my attempts to corral them. They too were concerned about leaving mid-performance as I instructed them to smile, wave, and walk away. Just smile, wave, and walk away. I was able to successfully load them all into the van though.

Earlier in the day, when we first arrived at the SAIPEH offices, Leslie and Meredith discovered that the tailoring students first practice on plastics before moving to fabrics.


More on MUMCOP soon.

I am more than a week behind on blogging now. I apologize. I should be able to catch up soon.

— Sara

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