Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ACCT International: Week Two Guest Speakers

Second Week of Classes

On Monday of the second week, Edward Wanyonyi, Program Manager of our partner organization SOTENI, came to share one of his program's logframes with us and answered questions about the program structure and funding.

Guest Speaker Grace Jowi-Jobita

On Wednesday, we heard from Grace Jowi-Jobita, consultant and Executive Director at EDEN Community Development Organization. Grace spoke on a Community Partnership model used by the Ministry of Health to develop programs and interventions.

Guest Speaker Grace Jowi-Jobita

We were actually connected with M. Jowi-Jobita through Megan Dooms, and IUPUI Master's student who was in my online HR for Nonprofit Organizations course last semester. Megan is finishing up a year in Kenya with her husband working for a Luthern organization, Diakonia Compassionate Ministry.

More on the way. Still a week behind on blogging.

— Sara

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