Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kenya: Tidbits

We live very close to the Mumias Sugar factory. The factory has a constant hum. It isn't irritating, just a background noise. However, sometimes the factory gets ANGRY! and makes a lot of noise. I think Leslie started to referring to it as the monster from Lost, but now we all do. They send text messages back and forth about how the monster is angry today. To add to the Lost-esque feel, sometimes the factory talks. Usually at night or early in the morning the factory will be speaking in a woman's voice. I am pretty confident it is a recording and that it is repeating the same thing over and over. However, it is to muffled and distorted to tell if the words are in English, and if they are what those words are.

There is a bird (or possibly a bug) near our house that makes a sound exactly like an alarm clock. This bird alarm clock seems to go off at 5 am every morning. Hooray.

— Sara

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