Thursday, June 21, 2012

So About That Malaria

I apologize blogosphere, I have been remiss in my blogging. I went and declared I had malaria and then failed to blog for a week. My failure to blog is not from malaria. In fact, it is unlikely I had malaria. My fever only lasted for two days, which is not long enough to have been malaria. Mostly likely I was suffering from some other illness. Based on the diarrhea, some other intestinal illness.

When Cale and I returned from Eldoret (which I promise to write about soon), my body was aching all over. I thought it was because we had been mini-kidnapped the day before and had spent almost 12 hours in a car driving to rural primary schools. I had spent most of that time balancing on one butt cheek on Cale’s lap or on an edge of the seat in the back of a station wagon where we were trying to fit four across. I was also very tired, but I chalked that up to the 12-hour day the day before and the four-hour moto ride home that morning. I laid (Lay, lie? Lay, lie? I have lost all my copy editing skills) down in the bed to take a nap and soon thought to myself, you know, I think I feel a little warm. I quick confirmation with a thermometer provided I had a 100 degree fever. Since one of the students had recently just recovered from a case of malaria, I thought that I had it too. Unfortunately, it was too late for the blood test to confirm at the clinic (the lab was already closed for the day). The doctor put me on the medication regime for malaria anyway (I think this is how we create drug-resistant bugs) and once you are on the regime any malaria blood test will come back negative, so there was no way to test at that point. He also gave me a shot of “fever-reducer” into my lower back. I would like to take this opportunity to say that he said it was going in my butt cheek. When I asked if I needed to drop my pants, he said yes. So there I was with my pants around my knees while he lowered the waistband of my undies like an inch and proceeded to inject it into my lower back area. Thanks, doctor man, I feel a little ridiculous right now.

That night my fever got up to 103, but a shower and a panadol fixed that problem. I spent all day Thursday in bed. Cale made me mashed potatoes. Two doses of mashed potatoes and I was cured! Well sort of. In addition to the fever and body aches (Which, by the way, the biggest body ache? In the spot where the doctor had given me the shot. Thanks again doctor man), I was also suffering a little of the gross belly and the leaky butt. That continued on through Sunday (when we went to the Impala Sanctuary in Kisumu with the entire AFC Leopards football team [more on that later]).

Today is Thursday and I am feeling fine. Cale and I head to the coast tomorrow. I will try to catch you up with all the weeks I am behind in blogging soon. The main problem is how far behind I am in posting pictures.

More later

— Sara

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