Monday, July 16, 2012

ACCT International: Football Match

AFC Leopards v. Sony Sugar
Cale took this amazing shot. 

As I mentioned before, Pam is like the team mom for the Mumias Sugar national football team, the AFC Leopards. I also mentioned the team was in Mumias for a couple of weeks of training (which is how we ended up eating lunch with the team at the Impala Sanctuary in Kisumu).

Later that week, the Leopards also played a match against their rivals, Sony Sugar. The Sony team is sponsored by a competing sugar company, South Nyanza Sugar.

AFC Leopards v. Sony Sugar

Pam was kind enough to invite those of us in the Mumias area to the game. Since the game was on a weekday, Pam said there was not as large a crowd as you would see on a weekend. The Leopards have quite the following and people will caravan in buses from Nairobi for weekend games. We will have the chance to see the crowds when the Leopards play in Mumias again this coming weekend.

Regardless, there were still quite a number of enthusiastic fans, including this guy, who is wearing a Mumias Sugar bag for a shirt. Oh, and has painted himself blue.

AFC Leopards v. Sony Sugar

— Sara

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