Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ACCT International: Mbakalo

SOTENI VIllage of Hope Mbakalo

Cale and I made an unexpected trip to Mbakalo to deliver something an intern had left behind in Mumias. We made this two-hour trip on the moto (piki-piki). That was when I made the video footage Cale used to create the moto in Kenya video. The video did not show the true situation of driving in Kenya. For example, I wanted to get footage of driving through Bungoma on a market day (as Cale and I first did when we took the moto too Eldoret). Though I did shoot driving through Bungoma on the way to Mbakalo, it was not a market day and not nearly as crowded. I was also unable to get any footage of all the cows randomly in the road or being herded down the road, making driving more of an adventure. In general, during times when the driving was most adventurous was when I didn't want to have more than $1,000 USD in camera equipment hanging out the side of the moto.

Mbakalo is a SOTENI Village of Hope. SOTENI is one of our partner organizations and we have interns placed at two of their villages, Mbakalo and Ugunja.

Mbakalo is beautiful. Dani gave us the tour, including the dispensary:

SOTENI VIllage of Hope Mbakalo

which houses SOTENI's office:

SOTENI VIllage of Hope Mbakalo

It it was interesting to imagine the amount of work done and the number of projects managed from this small space with inconsistent electricity from a single solar panel and no internet access. Our interns are getting the opportunity to see conditions on the ground in international development.

— Sara

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