Friday, November 8, 2013

Action and Adventure

We're back on the move again. Well, half of us are. Cale will be at home in Bloomington for the next 10 days, but I (Sara) will be traveling for work.

Before I could even start the trip, I needed to have an emergency drive to Chicago. You may remember when we did that before our Thailand trip. This time it was less fruitful.

Thursday afternoon, my passport had still not returned from the Algerian embassy in New York. Oh, wait, I suppose I should mention why the Algerian embassy had my passport.

Work is sending me (along with my boss) to Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. With only two-week lead time, I needed to get an Algeria visa. I overnighted it on Oct. 26th. It arrived on the 28th at 11 am. It was supposed to take five business days to process. Thursday was day nine or seven (depending on who was counting) and it still had not been returned. I had tried calling to no avail and the only response to multiple emails had been the cryptic "Still processing" Thursday morning. The decision was made that if the tracking on the return package did not pop on USPS by the end of the day, I would drive to Chicago on Friday to get an emergency second passport. At 5 pm on Thursday, it still was not in the system.

Things got a little more complicated when it did appear in the system late that night as having left New York. But that was still no guarantee it would arrive. I decided I would check again when I got up at 5 am the next morning. I had to leave the house by 6 am to make my appointment in Chicago. At 5 am and 6 am, the status had not changed. So I headed out. Two hours later, as I was approaching the Indiana wind farm, the tracking told me it was in Indianapolis. No reason to turn around now though.

By the time I made it to Chicago, the tracking showed the package in Bloomington. This is more and more a wasted trip.

Stupidness entailed, I did not get my second passport, my original passport arrived in Bloomington while I was gone, and the office in Chicago still has my birth certificate.

So I drove for eight hours on Friday for no reason, and I made Cale and me late to a dinner party at his boss's house.

Next up, Sara goes to Jordan!