Friday, November 15, 2013

Algeria Tidbits

Security every where. Metal detectors every where. Checkpoints, cops on streets with weird devices (we are later told are to detect chemicals?).

We met an American in the hotel elevator (from Seattle). He was shocked to discover two American women alone in the country. Insisted that the U.S. consulate web site is just covered in warnings that American women should not come to Algeria alone. The boss checks the internet back in her room and finds no such warnings. We later decided that it was likely a really failed attempt to hit on us.

The Algerian banking system is a disaster. Using credit cards is difficult. Transferring money is impossible. The biggest issue for us though? Once you have dinar, you are stuck with them. They do not exchange back and no one else wants them. The boss and I were forced to spend our remaining dinar in the airport gift shops to get rid of them. So now I have about $40 USD in prizes for the summer high school program from Algeria.

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Treelo said...

I want an Algerian prize!