Monday, November 11, 2013

Rookie Mistake (Update)

Typically, when I travel, I don't even bring a hair dryer with me. However, since this was a business trip, I figured I would bring it along and see if it would work.

I am not a total imbecile, though you would have thought so this morning. I know that hair dryers are the sort of appliance that don't work so well when you move between countries due to electricity voltage differences. Just plugging it in with an adapter won't work if the voltage (or is it amperage?) is off. What I didn't take into account is what happens when it doesn't work. I suppose I figured that if it was wrong, it would fry the dryer and I would move on. Well, it did do that, but it also blew a fuse in my room. Something that should not have surprised me.

After a trip to the lobby and a visit from a maintenance man, my room was back up and running. I abandoned the burnt hair dryer to the trash and considered myself lucky that my luggage had just gotten a little lighter.

Then, later this afternoon housekeeping stopped by. They had rescued my hair dryer from the trash and wanted to make sure I had not discarded it by mistake. How incredibly thoughtful of them I suppose. Though it was also a reminder that in addition to being stupid about electricity, I am also wasteful.


Later in the day, one of the housekeepers who had stopped by earlier. Based on uniform and demeanor from my last exchange, I assume he was the housekeeper and the man who did all the talking last time was the manager.

He had returned with a different man and my hairdryer. He wanted me to write a note, but I had no Arabic and he had little English, so he wasn't able to communicate exactly what he was looking for. After an awkward exchange in which he conveyed to me that he wanted me to write a note and it had something to do with security, I assumed that they planned to take my broken hairdryer home and were going to need a note from me to get it past security at the hotel. I could be totally wrong on this, but I wrote a note to that effect.

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