Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Year in Review

This past year Sara spent an entire year as a grown up again. It had been a while. And Cale started the last year of his graduate degree.

We started the new year with our New Year's buddies, Josh and Charlotte. This year there was almost, so very close, another Rodenberg to join the fun. But not yet. We would have to wait for February.

It's not entirely clear that anything happened to the family Reeves in February.

March, for Sara, is Women's History Month. As usual, Sara was at the Luncheon and the Leadership Development event. They are put on by the Bloomington Commission for the Status of Women. Sara has been the volunteer secretary for the past three or four years.

Teresa had a birthday

And this happened.

In May, Cale officially became a college graduate and celebrated appropriately.

In preparation for what was going to be a very busy summer for Sara, we took an early vacation and headed down to NOLA. It was our first long-distance trip on the Goldwing.

We headed south for the change in temperature, as all we really want to do for vacation is sit outside and read. However, the real draw to New Orleans was the Clutch show.

On the way back north, we stopped off at the crossroads.

May ended with a big milestone for the family Reeves. Our 10th wedding anniversary. Talk about feeling old. We celebrated by bringing together friends from all over the world for a camp-out and picnic at the place it all started, Brown County State Park.

June was the beginning of the Working Summer that Never Ended. Over at Sara's work, the Institute for International Business, we welcomed the students from the first of three summer programs we hosted.

This was the Global Business Institute (GBI), a joint program with The Coca-Cola Company and the US Department of State. Almost 100 students from eight countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Near Asia joined us on campus for just more than three weeks.

Cale kept himself busy too, working as a research assistant for a faculty member at SPEA. If you need a lit review done, he is your man.

Somewhere we found the time to celebrate the Grandparents Carusillo's 60th wedding anniversary.

Luckily Sara wasn't working on the GBI project full time, as she was preparing for the group of Europeans that were arriving in...

The Global Social Entrepreneurship Institute (GSEI), also in collaboration with the US Department of State, brought 20 undergraduates from 13 European countries to campus for a month.

Halfway through July, our next program began: Business is Global (BIG). BIG is a two-week program for US high school students. We introduced them to three less-commonly-taught languages (Portuguese, Arabic, and Swahili) and international business.

Despite working more than 150 hours of overtime in the month of July (not that Sara was counting or anything...or getting paid overtime...that's what you get for being salary), we still found some time for fun, including celebrating Mom's birthday.

Cale, Sara, and Sara's boss took the GSEI students to Washington, DC.

Cale headed back to Bloomington after the GSEIers headed home, but the boss and Sara remained in DC for several more days to attend the USAID Education Summit.

Cale and Sara then headed to northern Indiana to celebrate a very Fish-Kipfer wedding reception.

Created with flickr slideshow.

Sara was back in DC for another conference.

And of course, we headed out to Sacramento for the most hipster wedding of all!

Cale started the first semester of his final year of graduate school at SPEA. In addition to such fun classes as Applied Math, he was taking his capstone class as well. Quite possibly the smallest capstone on record, there were only four students in the class.

Finally, in October a chance to rest. Well, except for this...

but also this...

It was so very fall.

And this happened over the course of 10 days.

Sara was off on more action and adventure for work. This time an eight-day tour of four countries in the Middle East and North Africa. And it only involved one futile emergency drive to Chicago the day before her flight since the Algerian embassy waited until the last minute to return her passport.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you feel about it), Cale stayed in Bloomington tackling his capstone project analyzing hourly energy demand data from buildings on campus in order to create a retrofit prioritization plan.

Cale submitted his first batch of PhD program applications.

Sara could no longer stand Flickr's hideous new look and made the move to 500px.

We celebrated Solstice with Cale's mom and Milton.


And then it was time for a Very Carusillo Christmas.

A Very Carusillo Christmas

Here's to 2014, when Cale will graduate with his masters, the summer will be just as crazy for Sara, and Cale will embark on becoming a doctor.

- Sara

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