Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Job Search So Far - UPDATED Again, Again

Well, some how in my attempts to update this blog, I managed to delete all the code. Read: lost entire blog. I have recreated it with updates to the best of my ability below.

18 21 27 31

Days in Austin

11 15

Cover Letters Written

8 10 11 14

Positions Actually Applied for

3 4

Informational Interviews




Phone Screening Interviews (one that led to an actual interview)

1 2

Actual Interviews (one done, one scheduled)


Informational Interview that Turned Out to be an Actual Interview



Hannah said...

By contrast, my husband has been in Minneapolis for 3.5 months, has submitted 1 application, and has 1 phone interview scheduled. I guess he's batting 1000, but still.

Barb said...

Thanks for the update! Us inquiring minds really want to know.

Sara said...

@hannah, i am sensing something from this post. a wish for more job applications?