Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rookie Mistake

It took more than a month for me to make my first in the job mistake. Given that I made the same mistake at IU just a month before I left, I suppose it's not that rookie of a mistake

Frequently rooms that you have reserved in campus buildings are locked when not in use, and you have to remember to get the key. When your event is during business hours, this is not such a big deal. You can just run down and get the key. However when it's 5:45 pm and it's just dawned on you that the room your 6:00 pm event is in is locked, you're a little bit screwed. 

I tried the door of the of the events room with a sinking sensation in my stomach and immediately rushed back to the office to ask my colleague (just three days back from paternity leave) what my options were. 

Tommy immediately went in search of custodial staff who may have a key to the room. Lucky for me Tommy is fluent in Spanish, as the first person we found was a Spanish speaker. She and Tommy had a engaging exchange, the only think I was able to takeaway from it was that there was a room downstairs. We all headed down stairs to find the manager's office locked and empty. Tommy translated for me that we needed to find Doug, the manager. The only clue we had was that he was somewhere in the building and Vietnamese. And so began the great sprint up and down stairs and up and down hallways in three-inch wedges. Each time I was on the third (I consider it the second) floor, I would poke my head down the hallway with the events room and tell the presenter I was still working on finding a key. Each time, the crowd of students waiting to get in grew.

We never did find Doug, but Tommy did find Sean. And Sean had a key. However, Sean was a little incredulous. He didn't seem like he wanted to let us into the room. Tommy was convincing him that we really did work here and weren't shady characters trying to break into a nearly empty auditorium space. At one point, Tommy even had his drivers license out of his wallet, I suppose to prove he was himself?

Luckily, Sean decided we were trustworthy and let us into the room and the presentation only began about 15 minutes late.

When I did the same thing at IU in late June, it was a Sunday and luckily the dean was attending the brunch we were hosting. I was able to get her to open the classroom we planned to have the students in after the brunch. Though it was embarrassing to ask the dean herself to open a room for you.


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