Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Texas Tidbits 2

Ongoing observations in Texas.
  • We have started to refer to them as the glorious highways of the great state of Texas. Texas, apparently, cannot have a road that it doesn't soar hundreds of feet into the air at some point. We want highways! We want them high!

    I haven't taken any good pictures myself yet, but this gives you an idea.
  • Will it rain this weekend? Who knows?

    In Bloomington, you could pretty much rely on weather predictions. Is St. Louis getting weather right now? Well, then we will probably have it in a couple of hours. You just had to look at the radar and watch the green sweep from west to east. It was pretty straight forward in Florida too. 2-4 pm? Hot? Probably going to rain for an hour. Done. In Samoa, other than the cyclones, I never paid too close attention to the weather. I don't even know if there was weather forecasting there. I paid way more attention to the USGS seismological website. I didn't care if it was going to rain; I wanted to know if it was going to tsunami. Even in Samoa there was some predictability. Weather moved from the south to the north. It never seemed to make it over the mountain. Was it raining at our house? Probably not. Would it rain when we went to the beach. Definitely. But here in Austin, the weather just makes no sense. The predictions are never accurate. When you look at the radar any green just sort of hovers around changing shape and size with out moving. I NEED TO KNOW IF I NEED AN UMBRELLA DAMMIT!
  • So the elections are coming up. I need to educate myself about the candidates on the ballot so I can make an informed decision. But what do I encounter in the very first race?

    Really? Spicybrown? Things are not looking good here. 
More later.


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