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2014 Year in Review

We started 2014 in Indiana and ended it in Texas. Here is how it played out.


We rang in 2014 in Bloomington, Indiana with the remaining group of Sara's grad school friends who were still in the vicinity. And watched as everyone else freaked out about the impending polar vortex snows.

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We saw Man Man in Louisville.


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Cale finished submitting all his PhD program applications and Sara spent a day and a half in Costa Rica for work.

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Facebook tells me that we spent a great deal of brunches at the Atlas with The Tamale Cart. We also took full advantage of Bloomington's newest brewery, Function (though, dear lord, don't look at their website, its atrocious). And we continued to spend Fridays with the Foul Plugs at Joe's.

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Oh, and there was this birthday.

Mike's Birthday

In March, the weather finally broke and we celebrated in the typical ways: pictures of Sara's bare feet and disc golf.

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And St. Patrick's Day with friends.

St. Patrick's Day

Our biggest news in April was Cale accepting the offer from the PhD program at the LBJ School at the University of Texas in Austin.

April also means Easter is coming, and Carusillos need to make cacciatelli.

Making Cacciatelo

As the weather warms, so does the activity in the Casa de Reeves. The biggest news in May was Cale's graduation from grad school. Unlike some people we know (Sara), he actually walked in his ceremony.

Cale's Graduation

The regular Friday's with the Plugs continued.

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And we took a failed house-hunting trip to Austin.

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Oh, and we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.

As we all know, summers are hell for Sara, but it was a busy one for Cale too, who was on multiple research projects at IU while also getting up to speed on the research group he would join in Texas.

Before we get to the craziness at the end of the month, we had some time for normalcy, like Sara's dad's birthday. No, that is normalcy for us.

Dad's Birthday

And the last weekend at the Rail before they were evicted.

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Global Business Institute 2014 started officially with the arrival of 94 students spread over more than two days. So, it was stressful right off the bat.

Global Business Institute 2015

But it appears Sara had fun too.

Cale was busy at work on research projects that included coding color pickers for pedestrian clothing and building the equivalent of an on-dash camera for a bike.

For Sara, July was classes...

Global Business Institute 2014

...and feedback from students on those classes...

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...and baseball games...

Global Business Institute 2014

...and site visits...

Global Business Institute 2014

...and selfies...

Global Business Institute 2014

oh so many selfies...

...and finally, final presentations.

Global Business Institute 2014

It was a stressful month as well.

Cale was hard at work on research projects and made a short-notice trip to Austin with Jake to finally find a place for us to move. With less then nine days until our arrival in Austin, we signed a lease.

Sara had a few more days at work to wrap up lose ends, and then:

Which began the packing...

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...and the loading...

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...and finally, the leaving for Texas.

In August, we arrived at our new home in Austin. And discovered it was hot.

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Before classes started for Cale at the end of the month and Sara started her job search in earnest, we decided to enjoy ourselves.

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And Cale had an adventure getting the Triumph street legal in Texas.

By September, Sara had found herself a job.

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And Cale was discovering just how perfect this PhD program was for him.

We both got to discover the Texas traffic.

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October was both wonderful and terrible for the family Reeves. We started the month with A Very Delhanksico Peace Corps Wedding of Wonder and Joy (official title).

A Very Delhanksico Wedding

But ended the month with the loss of an important member of our family.

This was an exciting month for Cale. One of the papers that came out his capstone project (with these guys) was accepted for publication.

Sara planned the Annual International Night and managed to explode boiling butter in her face.

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We also spent time with friends we're making here in Austin, from disc golfing to Dinner Lab-ing, to Thanksgiving with the other PhDs.


Cale's grades came in, and he rocked a 4.0 for his first semester as a PhD student. We had a Very Long Distance Carusillo Christmas.


Tune in for 2015 when there will be trips to Ghana, more Peace Corps weddings, and continued Austin shenanigans.


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