Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sara is Not Impressed

Thanks to my parents, I am taking a photography class on campus on finding my photographic style. Our assignment for class today was to bring a photograph we had already taken that is a six on a 1-10 scale. The instructor talked about how spending more time on the pictures that aren't bad, but aren't quite there is a great way to improve your work.

Last night I basically scrolled through a decade of images in Lightroom pulling out the ones that were, you know, ok. I still have to sort through the 50 or so I have set aside to find the one to show in class (though, since class was cancelled tonight, I suppose it is for next week now).

However, in the course of scrolling through all these pictures, I came across the folder of pictures Mom had scanned from her photo albums to make a scrapbook for me recently. As Cale and I clicked from picture to picture, we started to notice a trend.

Sara, historically, has not been impressed. Cale calls it the evolution of resting bitch face.

And so, for your meme fodder, I give you: Sara is Not Impressed.

Sara started out unimpressed.

Sara was unimpressed with birthdays.

Sara was unimpressed with holidays.

Sara was unimpressed with family activities.

Sara was unimpressed with school.

Sara was unimpressed with friends.

Sara was unimpressed with her chunky phase.

Sara was unimpressed with Disney World.

And of course, Sara was an unimpressed teenager.

So there you have it. Sara is Not Impressed through time.

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Barb Carusillo said...

Hey, there were two with sort of a half smile....maybe, if I look further, I might even find some with a full smile.