Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Name This Plant: Cherimoya

Heidi successfully named this plant Cherimoya.

I recently came across it in the "exotic" foods display at the Whole Foods. You can see it was on a pile of kiwi.

I thought I was not familiar with the cherimoya until I started reading the Wikipedia article. The minute I saw a picture of the inside, I thought, "well that looks like a custard apple." As it turns out, as I read down in the article, that is another name for the cherimoya. So I guess I was familiar with it.

The cherimoya is mainly from Peru and Bolivia. This explains how Heidi is familiar with it, as she was a Peace Corps in both Bolivia and Peru I think.

Fun fact: According to Wikipedia, Mark Twain considers it the most delicious fruit know to man.

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