Sunday, May 31, 2015

Global Connections: Day 7

Our Wednesday visits were the heavy hitters, the Bank of Ghana and Unilever. Unfortunately, I had to miss Unilever because I was taking a sick student to the clinic.

On the way to our site visit that morning, I was on the phone with International SOS, our medical and security provider, to let them know I was going to take a student to the clinic. The support they provide is amazing. When we were in the taxi on our way to the clinic and the driver did not know the location of the clinic (and he seemed to think my google map was laughable), I was able to call them and they provided me with the doctor's mobile number. But I am getting ahead of myself.

In the morning, we visited the Bank of Ghana (Ghana's Federal Reserve).

Though monetary policy is not necessarily in my wheel house, I did immediately take note of a slide that indicated there is only one mortgage company regulated by the BOG in the entire country. After all we had heard on this trip about the difficulties of leasing and buying property, this was an interesting fact.

*We were given BOG calendars for 2015 that included this same picture, but from the Global Connections group from 2014. Maybe we will be in the 2016 calendar?

After the BOG visit the students headed for lunch, but I hopped in a cab back to the hotel. I was taking the earlier mentioned student to the clinic. ISOS was wonderful and the clinic experience was great as well. The wait was short, everything was taken care of in house (including prescriptions), and thanks to the ISOS letter of guarantee they had sent to the clinic (all the way from the Paris headquarters) the student didn't have to pay anything for the visit or prescriptions.

That evening I joined a group of students at Afrikiko, a collection of restaurants and bars where it was also salsa night.

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