Friday, March 11, 2016

Global Connections South Africa: Day 3

Wednesday started early for me with a 3 am call from a student who needed medical attention. I had the opportunity to make use of our International SOS support and to spend some quality middle of the night time in a South African hospital.

We were in the hospital for several hours, though nothing that is likely longer than ER waits in the US as well. What really struck me was the lack of urgency. It wasn't that we were seen because they were busy and there were long lines. It was just because everything moves as a much slower, less concerned pace.

Raj and I have actually commented on this throughout the trip. Raj has indicated that he finds South Africa to be one of the most polychronic, least task oriented cultures he has encountered. Though I am not sure about this. I haven't noticed that the difference in time are related to South Africans being more focused on relationships than tasks.

Anyway, after a long morning at the hospital, I returned to the hotel for a nap rather than join the group for their company visit to Heart Capital in the townships. I was disappointed I wasn't able to meet with Peter and his team.

Once I was refreshed, I caught up with the rest of the group that evening at a cricket match.

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South Africa played Australia. My cricket knowledge is such that I have no idea if it was a good game. Raj indicated it wasn't too exciting. I believe Australia won.

Being at the cricket match with these students reminded me of taking GBI and GSEI students to baseball games back in Indiana.

Global Business Institute 2014

Coming up next we'll visit Media24 and wrap up the program with final presentations.

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