Saturday, March 12, 2016

Global Connections South Africa: Day 4

On Thursday we visited the Media24 headquarters. Media24 is the print arm of the media company Naspers, the largest company (possibly) in Africa. I am not entirely sure if Naspers is the largest company in Africa or just the largest media company.

Though Media24 is the print arm (publishing multiple magazines and newspapers), it is also home to many of the company's internet ventures as well. In addition to hearing from the head of the newspaper division and the editor of their Afrikaans-language paper, we also heard from the head of their careers website and their relatively new e-commerce platform.

Interestingly enough, the company got into e-commerce because if its existing delivery infrastructure. Since the public postal service in South Africa is notoriously unreliable, Media24 had developed its own logistics network in order to deliver its papers and magazines. With this already in place, branching out into e-commerce seemed to be a natural fit for them.

After our morning meeting, we headed off towards the Cape of Good Hope with our hopes high of seeing some penguins. We were not disappointed.

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We also saw Cape Point, which offered spectacular views.

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That evening I joined Raj for diner at a sushi restaurant called Willoughby and Co. I was a little put off by the name and Gaelic looking script. It just didn't look like something that should have good sushi. However, it came highly recommended and some of the other students had eaten there on a previous night and raved about it.

As it turned out, the food was amazing. And thanks to the favorable exchange rate, the prices were ridiculous. I ended up spending about $25 USD and ate just all the fresh raw tuna you can imagine.

The exchange rate has been kind to us this entire trip. From Uber rides that convert to just a few dollars to rock bottom food prices, this trip has been very easy on my wallet.

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Barb Carusillo said...

That picture with the penguins in the foreground is just amazing. You must frame it and put it in someplace of honor..heck, I would put in on the ceiling above my bed!